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PATC City Grand Slam Series Events:

Paly Aussie 

Paly Wimbly
Paly New York


Time: 9-noon. All events complete by noon. Check-in 8:30.


ENTRY:  Enter and Pay for each tournament, each event separately.  You may enter one, two, three or four of the tournament series.  Enter one event per tournament: Singles or Mixed-Dbls.

EVENTS: Singles, Dbls

FOOD: Food appropriate to the actual Grand Slam venue is provided at all events.

DEADLINE: One week prior to Event.  

DOUBLES PARTNER ?: Put Name on Entry if known; if not, TD will try to match you up.


FEE MEMBER: See Registration Form
FEE NONMEMBER: See Registration Form


DRAW: May be capped at 32 players if necessary. Draw posted Wed/prior.

POINTS: 1st Place: 200 pts toward year-end City Championship. F 100 pts.

For an efficient tournament, please pay online; or you may mail your entry fee or pay onsite.

MATCH TIME: Check website on the Wed before the event date; emails will also be sent.


Double Elimination or Round Robin (RXR) format may be used.
Typically one regular scoring set per round, 1 set per round, 3-rounds.
Typically all players play three sets plus possible tie-break playoff(s).  Note in a RXR final tie-brake playoff of the top-2 if they have previously played during the RXR, that winner is therefore the overall Winner  (The "Gavin-Rule").

SITE: Palo Alto's Rinconada Park and Hopkins Courts if needed.

DIRECTIONS: Rinconada Park, 777 Embarcadero Rd, (Hopkins x Cedar), Palo Alto CA.

WITHDRAWALS:  Withdraw and receive full refund until Entry Deadline; notify TD before Entry Deadline.  Late Withdrawal and notify TD, no refund.  No-shows, no refund and not eligible for the next event.  Please provide a name and contact for a substitute to the Tourn Dir asap.

RAIN: Refunds and/or credits will be offered; a reschedule will be attempted.

AWARDS:  Prizes.  

SERIES: This event is part of the annual 4-part Palo Alto City Slam Series.

ADDITIONAL INFO: Rainouts or rain delays will be handled in the best interest of the players.
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