Palo Alto Tennis Club

Cubberley Community Center Courts

Location: Behind Cubberley Community Center

Number: Six (6) courts separated into three sections of two courts each

Lights: No lights

Closest major intersection: Middlefield and San Antonio

Restrooms: The community center's restrooms are usually open (but not always). Rating: Unreliable

Courtside benches: Every court

Noise factors: The courts are adjacent to several softball and soccer fields. The community center itself is also host to numerous activities. Rating: Moderate

Parking: There's a large lot at the center's main entrance, with a smaller lot in the back closer to the courts. There is another small lot adjacent to the courts located at the end of the center's North entrance (between the center and Piazza's shopping plaza). Rating: Plenty

Maintenance: Courts are washed on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of every month.

Notes: Cubberley is known for having the poorest alignment of Palo Alto's major courts. It can be difficult to serve into the sun for long stretches of the day.

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