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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the club sometimes ask me to do on the site?
If you are a prior year member, we sometimes ask you to RENEW your membership for the new year. If you are not yet a member, please considering JOINING as a new member.

How do I join as a new member?
It is a very simple process: pick an email address as your new loginID and enter some basic membership info, click-sign our waiver, and then pay by credit card online, or you can also send us a check. It should only take a few minutes, and then our admin will review your entry and set you up as a member on the site.

How do I renew my membership?
If you are a 2013 member, your email has been preloaded into our membership database. Login using your email address and click on the "forgot password" link to create a new password. Once you have a password, you can pay your dues online. Login using your email address and password, click on View profile, then in the membership section click on the box that says Renew until... and follow prompts and instructions. 

How do I register both myself and my spouse?
You will go through the membership registration pages twice. Once for yourself going all the way through payment, and then the second time for your spouse, using a different email address.

How safe is using my credit card for online payment?
It is very safe - we use the same industrial strength secure online payment gateway that many commercial websites use. On your credit card statement, the payment will be identified as "2CO.COM".

Still have questions?
About the club and membership, contact: 
About using the new website, contact:

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